semantapi sentiment analysis comparison tool

Welcome to SemantAPI!

I wanted to christen this community resource by explaining what this website is about. You’re already here, so it’s fair to assume that you know a little bit about sentiment analysis. This site is a community resource for anyone looking to learn about sentiment analysis.

I’d like to note that everyone is welcome on SemantAPI. Vendors, users, analysts, specialists, whoever and whatever you are, feel free to participate! Want to create a blog post? Go write ahead :P, and email me at semantapi [at] gmail with an interesting topic.

This site is named after SemantAPI, an open source software that allows you to compare sentiment analysis APIs side by side. You will be able to input any text you want, as different programs may be better suited for different industries. It also allows you to draw your own conclusions on what program works best for your specific data needs.

Want to add a program to compare with the others? You are more than welcome to do so. Once again, just reach out and let me know the info. I want to emphasize that this is a community website, and if you want to put something out there, go ahead and do it!

What will not be tolerated on this website is shameless self-promotion, shady backlink-rich posts or any thing that stinks with advertising. This, along with the usual stuff like harassment, profanity and the others that I won’t even bother to mention, will be deleted.

I strongly encourage you to check out the SemantAPI software so that you can make your own evaluations. You are also invited to post your findings in the comments section or in a separate blog post, so the community can see the pros and cons of these different sentiment analysis services.

That being said, I’d like to open the floor to you guys. What’s going on in the industry? Deep learning seems to be a pretty cool buzz-word at the moment. Does anyone have any news on emotion analysis? I could see it being the successor to sentiment analysis. Feel free to comment on this post, or email me with a topic and some content you would like to see go up on this website.



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