It’s always interesting to explain sentiment from a text or speech analytics standpoint to someone who has never heard of it before. Sometimes “emotion detection” is used, but everything has emotion, right? Right!? RIGHT! There are subtle differences in how we write and how we speak that make sentiment analysis particularly tricky.

First off, I’ll admit, it’s not very accurate from a numbers perspective. Today the technology just isn’t there to have 100% accuracy. But what does that even mean, 100% accuracy? Are humans 100% accurate? Think of the last time you got the wrong order at the drive thru. Sentiment is a subjective exercise at best and depending on cultural and geographic differences it can be a total guess at worst. Keep Reading →

semantapi sentiment analysis comparison tool

Welcome to SemantAPI!

I wanted to christen this community resource by explaining what this website is about. You’re already here, so it’s fair to assume that you know a little bit about sentiment analysis. This site is a community resource for anyone looking to learn about sentiment analysis.

I’d like to note that everyone is welcome on SemantAPI. Vendors, users, analysts, specialists, whoever and whatever you are, feel free to participate! Want to create a blog post? Go write ahead :P, and email me at semantapi [at] gmail with an interesting topic.

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