LogoI’ve been invited to write a few words about a Chrome Extension I’ve made that uses the Semantria API to analyze sentiment on any webpage on-the-fly. It’s a simple extension where, once installed, you’ll be able to highlight any text on any page and extract all the Entities, Themes, Phrases, Topics and the Sentiment Score related to the whole text or for each Entity, Theme, Phrase or Topic found. I’d like to thank Wilson and the Semantria guys for this opportunity.

Building a sentiment analysis extension was a New Year challenge. I was encouraged to begin researching Sentiment¬†Analysis, and how it could be beneficial to my company. In short, I wanted to find the what, the how, and the tools.I started gathering and studying various theses and articles about this subject. I then went about finding the main tools in this area. While I found a lot of them, Semantria was one of the first tools I found and impressed me a lot. It has an easy to use REST API and covered a lot of topics in the field of Machine Learning. Keep Reading →