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Chris West

If you’re a newspaper, you want to know what your readers think of you. But if you ask them online and millions reply, how can you be sure you’re listening to the right thing?

If you’re an online businesses, your competitors are only a click away, so it’s vital to know how your customers feel about you. And if you’re a newspaper with a sizable online readership, then you’d think that life is made easier by an abundance of readers’ forthright comments. But save those woo-hoos, dear Editor.

We’ve noticed 3 distinct problems. Text analytics can solve some of them, but there’s still a big issue over sentiment analysis (a phrase that we hear a lot, to be honest). Keep Reading →


When it comes to sentiment, we tend to think of news content as bearing the least. The whole mantra of most news sources is to report events as accurately as possible, and that usually means reporting the facts and refraining from any judgment calls. We all know this doesn’t actually happen and in fact some sources might even gloat in their particular bias.

When we as readers are aware of this bias, we can think critically about the information given to us, compare across sources, and make our own value judgments, but this takes time and effort. Furthermore, the way bias is conveyed isn’t always transparent. Keep Reading →